Emily Kendall

Em K Yoga Online
Passionate About

Emily (Em) is wildly passionate about sharing real authentic yoga with the world. She specialises in guiding you to unlock tools that exist already within, opening the doors to discovery of inner strength. Em is also a huge advocate for mental health awareness and the use of yoga and meditation to maintain balance in life. 


Emily holds a 200hr Yoga Alliance teacher training certificate, a 100hr Rocket Yoga certificate, is currently completing her Advanced Yoga teacher training 300hr and also has a degree in Psychology.


Em’s background in teaching dance and practicing gymnastics sparked a fascination with functional movement and the science of the body-mind connection. Her curiosity to learn about how to nourish the body in order to live and function better, led her to Yoga. Today, she has over 5 years experience teaching community yoga classes, private lessons and corporate sessions with people of all ages, stages and abilities. Em also works as a mentor for new yoga teacher trainees.

Class Vibe

Em ‘s yoga is creative, functional, fun and down to earth. She brings a rich variety of teachings to EDY including yoga, meditation, breath-work and mindfulness. Her classes offer a unique combination of educational tools and biomechanics interwoven with emotional resilience, personal development and psychology.

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