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About us | Every Day You

Where Every Day You Began

Every Day You is the result of a partnership formed by two friends with a shared passion and vision. Emily Kendall (Em) and Hanna Downey met during high school in Hamilton and reconnected early 2020 through a shared interest in yoga and personal growth.

Em has a degree in psychology, is an experienced yoga teacher and runs a small business called Em K Yoga. Hanna has a master’s in marketing, works as a part time marketing consultant and is training to become a yoga teacher. Like all of us, both women have experienced their own mental and physical health challenges and through these experiences found growth, balance and peace in the power of mind-body connection and movement.

IAs a result of the Covid climate, as a yoga teacher Em was suddenly faced with the challenge of not being able to share her Yoga with her students face to face, and felt there was a need for a space where fitness/wellbeing professionals could easily share their knowledge and experience online.

After some passionate chats and a healthy dose of good old fashioned brainstorming, this inspiration turned into a vision called Every Day You. Since that day, Em and Hanna have been stepping outside of their comfort zones daily to bring this vision to life.

Our Why

EDY believes that affordable health and fitness tools, classes and information should be accessible to everybody. Whether that’s five minutes of breathing, professional mental health support or a 60 minute sweat session, we believe that any time spent on mind-body health is important.

Many people face obstacles that get in the way of this and cannot get the support they need for a variety of different reasons. People who are new Mums, who have just moved cities, live rurally, don’t have time to attend or simply don’t have the financial means. These common issues should not be a boundary or an obstacle to self-care, learning, movement, connection, community and enjoyment.

We feel so strongly change is needed in this space. Ministry of Health Statistics show that 1 in 3 adults are obese and 1 in 5 also suffer from anxiety or depression. We want to help improve the health of every day New Zealanders by acting as a resource for movement, community connection and mind-body health education.

Our Strategies

1. Developing a platform for New Zealanders to connect with others and access free and affordable information and tools that support a lifestyle of daily movement and connection

2. Enabling health and fitness professionals to support their clients, and reach every day New Zealanders with affordable health education, services, products, classes and programs

About us | Every Day You